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Six reasons .......

Do you just smile when you introduce yourself as Robert (your given name) and the person you just introduced yourself to says something like - Nice to meet you, Bob? Well, here are SIX reasons you might want to reconsider your reaction the next time that happens ......

1) The actual meaning of the name Robert is Bright Fame, derived from the Germanic elements hrod - fame - and beraht - bright. The Normans introduced this name to Britain. It belonged to three kings of Scotland, including Robert the Bruce who restored the independence of Scotland from England in the 14th century. That's something to be proud of.

2) The seriousness of the name Robert - it exudes maturity and gravitas. This is a direct contrast to the nickname Bob, which has been appropriated by popular culture to mean just the opposite - What about Bob, Yesirree Bob, The Two Bobs (Office Space), SquarePants SpongeBob etc.

3) The sound of the name - a romantic R and two syllables, instead of an abrupt, explosive consonant and one syllable. It goes well with a middle name, as well.

4) The popularity of the name - since 1880, one of the top names. But it is not so common that anyone is tired of it yet.

5) The heritage of the name - Robert E. Lee; Robert Louis Stevenson; Robert Browning; Robert Burns and Robert Frost.

6) The uniqueness of the name - There are many more Bobs than Roberts and many of those Bobs are not by choice.

So, once you decide that it IS important what people call you and that it IS your choice, not theirs, what do you do about it? Help out your fellow Roberts - e-mail us at Robert@RobertNotBob.Com and tell us about what you did the last time someone called you Bob - we will publish the best answers here.

By the way, Bob - Nothing personal - :)

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